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About Rev.Wm.A.Frazier

My full name is William Alex Frazier. Born April 15, 1954, at Starke Memorial Hospital, Knox, In. Married Bobbie Ann Hazlett, June 4,1977. We have three children together. A son, William Alex Frazier II (Kimberly), two daughters, Jennifer Lynn Sanderfur (Bill) and Jamie Raye Ramsey (Zach).

I do not minister in a church building,  I like to think of the world as God's church. After-all  church is not a building, but the people inside. I enjoy discussing God, the bible and salvation face to face with people. That way we can find the answers to their questions together and personally.  However,  I do attend The Eagle Creek Community Church,  at the intersection of 700 E and 25 N, just three miles East of  Knox, In.  Pastor Edward Hasnerl. And I would like to invite all to attend that church as well. Social Gathering 9:15 AM;  Sunday School 9:30 AM; Worship Service 10:30 AM; Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 4:00 PM. All times CST.